We specialize in:

  • Intuitive & Instinctual eating
  • Digestive health
  • Women's hormonal health

As well as:

  • Functional nutrition
  • Non-diet approach to a healthy weight

We’re not here to tell anyone how to eat, but to provide sound, evidenced based, and individualized guidance. We say individualized because everyone is vastly different and requires different nutrients needs in order to thrive. We will work closely with you to discover and to heal, body, mind and soul. We are here to provide you with reliable, consistent, evidence- based nutritional support. Our ultimate goal is to set you on the road to wellness so that you thrive once our time together is finished.

We offer our services in packages, as we believe changes cannot happen overnight.

Pursuing and achieving whole-body wellness can take time. Here at Nourishing Minds Nutrition, it is not just a matter of giving you a meal plan to follow. We want to work on a deeper level and lay the foundation for you to pursue wellness in all aspects of your life. By laying this foundation and building upon it, you will feel nourished, whole, and inspired once our time together is finished.


Intuitive Eating Packages

Let us help you heal your relationship with food. Learn to nourish your body again and find true joy in eating! We have a unique and tailored approach that focuses on self love and body acceptance, self care and intuitive living. We let go of diet dogmas and help you find the instinctual eater within you.

3 Sessions

6 Sessions

9 Sessions


$219 ($25 discount)

o   Let us help you heal your relationship with food. Learn to nourish your body again and find true joy in eating! During these three sessions, we will help you re-kindle that beautiful relationship between you and your body.

  • Over a $25 discount!

$419 ($50 discount)

o   Are you sick of calorie counting, carb counting, and nit-picking every little thing? Then this plan is for you. We at Nourishing Minds Nutrition believe that our bodies are incredibly intuitive and tell us what it needs to be fully nourished if we will listen. During these 6 sessions, we will teach you how to listen and trust your body and how to nourish it appropriately and fully.  Coming from two ex yoyo dieters- this is a complete game changer. 

  • Over a $50 discount!

$599* (over $100 discount)

* Highly recommended to make permanent lifestyle changes. Payment can be broken up into three installments if needed.

o   Do you have a long, painful history with yoyo dieting, negative body image, disordered eating, or even eating disorders? Do you feel lost and hopeless? Do you want more than anything to restore you relationship with food and begin loving yourself again? Do you feel like no one will understand? We will. Let us help. This is the most intensive intuitive eating plan we have.  Learn how to love and trust your body again, learn how to feed and nourish yourself appropriately, learn to stop fearing food. If you want everything to change, this plan for you.

  • Over a $100 discount!
  • Unlimited email support


Digestive Health Packages

We start with the basic foundations of intuitive eating and add components to help your digestion work optimally and heal your digestion long term.


1 month digestive tune-up $229 ($25 discount)

o   Do you need to tweak you digestion a bit? Is something a bit off but you don’t know where to start? Using food as medicine, we can help you find balance and restore your digestive fire.Includes:

  • 1 initial assessment and 3 follow-up sessions each following week.

3 month digestive reset $469 ($50 discount)

o   Is your digestion a source of pain and stress? Let us help. Digestive healing does not happen overnight, so with a 3-month window, we have time to change, tweak, and implement diet and lifestyle changes to see what promotes wellness for you. 

  • Includes: 1 initial assessment and 7 follow-up sessions
  • 1st month: initial consultation and 3 follow-up sessions
  • 2nd and 3rd month: biweekly follow-up sessions

6 month digestive healing + intuitive eating $849* (valued at over $1,000)

*Highly recommended to make permanent lifestyle changes. Payment can be broken up into three installments if needed.

o  If you have experienced long-lasting digestive issues and you are still working on fixing your relationship with food, this is the plan for you. Just like getting where you are did not happen over night- nor will recovery. 6 months allows us time to strategize, implement, and modify your wellness plan according to how your body reacts. 6 months allows us to first focus on healing your relationship with food, and then next heal your digestion.

  • Includes: 1 initial assessment and 12 follow-up sessions to accomplish digestion reset.
  • 1st month: initial consultation and 3 weekly follow-up sessions
  • Months 2-5: biweekly follow-up sessions
  • Month 6:  1 hour long wrap-up final session
  • Unlimited email support

Hormonal Healing & Comprehensive Packages


3 months hormonal regulation package: 8 sessions $469 (over $40 discount)

o  Ladies, are you constantly under high stress? Are you drowsy in the afternoon but “tired and wired” at night? Are you stressed out, nervous, and moody? Do you have sugar cravings after each meal? What about salt cravings? Do you hold on to abdominal fat or have irregular and heavy menstrual cycles?  Do you experience severely painful periods or breast tenderness? Do you experience PMS, irritability, or excess weepiness? Do you feel puffy and water heavy? Do you have excess hair loss?

Can you relate to any of these symptoms? Many women are plagued by hormonal dis-regulation. However, we all have the right to a normal, functioning hormonal system without having to compromise in other areas of our life. Utilizing diet therapy, herbal supplements, and lifestyle modifications, we want to help women regain their vibrancy and their zest for life. 

  • Includes: : 1 initial assessment and 7 follow-up sessions over the course of 3 months.


Comprehensive Package: 6 months of ultimate healing $1,119 (package valued at over $1,500!)

Are you in need of help with all three of our specialties?

Are you ready to ditch the diets, heal your relationship with food and then heal  your hormonal and digestive issues? Are you ready to break up with disordered eating and love yourself again? Are you ready to feel radiant, beautiful and energized? Have a healthy digestive system and hormonal cycle and learn to thrive? Then this package is for you! We combine are three specialties into a 6 month, all intensive package for the most optimized healing possible!

  • Includes 1 hour and a half initial assessment
  • Weekly follow-ups the first month
  • Biweekly follow-ups for months 2-5
  • 1 hour long final wrap-up session for month 6
  • Unlimited email support

*For ultimate healing, we recommend getting lab tests run. We promise we will only recommend lab work that is truly needed and will work to make your out of pocket expenses (like lab works and supplements) as minimal as possible. Depending on the results on your lab work, we may recommend you seek a doctors help in providing diagnoses and medication if needed. 

**Payment can be broken up into three installments over three months if needed.

Want to talk to figure out what package best suites you? Email us at to set up a free 15 minute phone call!

Initial Consultation

(60 minutes)

During this one hour initial assessment, we will discuss everything from past food experiences, to lifestyle, to nutritional goals. This first assessment is crucial and will lay the foundation for our work thereafter addressing body, mind and soul wellness. From a dietary perspective, we will conduct a full assessment and collaborate to create a comprehensive, tailored wellness plan to get you on the road to optimal health. It is not our purpose to merely hand out an outline to follow. Rather, our primary purpose is to provide you with the knowledge base and wisdom you need to understand your body- in all of its fullness, better as it relates to food.

Cost: $99 per session

Follow-up Consultation

(45 minutes)

The purpose of a follow-up session is to realign, reassess, and recap! We will discuss things that are working in your favor and those that are not. We will alter your wellness plan as needed to be consistent with your goals.  We will continue to incorporate, change, or subtract variables that lift you up and support your journey. 


Cost: $59 per session

We can also provide grocery store tours, presentations and corporate wellness. Contact us at hello@nourishingmindsnutrition to find out more about pricing.