Frequently Asked Questions


How kind of diet plan or nutrition recommendations do you provide?

We do not follow one specific diet or nutrition plan, we believe each individual person thrives best eating what feels best to them. We utilize the Intuitive Eating principles to support our clients to discover this. For some clients, a meal plan to ensure adequate intake is necessary before jumping into Intuitive Eating. While for others, we can begin immediately working through the principles.

How can I know for sure I’ll get my period back?

While we can never guarantee anything when it comes to periods (hormonal healing takes time!), we have had wonderful success getting our clients periods back and getting them consistent. We work hard to ensure we only take clients we know we can support in their goals, and often see clients who had gone years with a missing or irregular periods or have been on birth control for years but no provider mentioned that their food intake, exercise levels and high levels of stress were contributing to their hormonal imbalances.


Can you help me if I have SIBO? And what if I don’t have SIBO?

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is one of the root causes of IBS. We can order a breath test if we believe SIBO could be your root cause, and if the results come back positive approach it in two ways. We can either do an herbal antimicrobial protocol, or have you work with a doctor to get antibiotics and we can provide the additional supplement support that encourages healing. And if you SIBO test comes back negative, that is just more information we can use to investigate things further.

I’m scared to work on this, but my body image sucks. Can you help with this?

Being scared is normal! But it also means that its time to work on this, too. With so many of our clients, body image is a core issue that starts the disordered eating. Body image work and working to accept your natural body size, is always included in the work we do with our clients.


How much do your services cost?

Please schedule a consult call (by hitting the learn more button on any package) or email us at Services are priced differently depending on the dietitian seen. We are currently offering 10% off to work with our newest dietitian Megan.

Will insurance cover the cost?

While we do not personally file for insurance, we are happy to provide you with a superbill. A superbill is a receipt stating why we saw you and how much you paid, which you then take to your insurance and file directly for reimbursement. We provide superbills frequently for our clients and have had little to no issues getting them reimbursement! If you have an HSA card, we are happy to accept these as well.

What does virtual mean? How do we meet?

We are a 100% virtual and online private practice, meaning we can see you in any location across the US! We provide our services via confidential and HIPPA compliant telehealth, think of it like Skype, but better. In addition to our virtual telehealth meetings, we also provide our clients unlimited email and text support during the 3 or 6 months of working together. Support and partnership is an important value of ours at Nourishing Minds Nutrition, and we work hard to ensure you are supported to meet your goals and succeed in our time together.