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Ep. 70: A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT + Navigating Consumerisms & Supporting Small Business


In this episode, Victoria has a very special announcement! She talks about the wonder change that has brought to her life, future plans, and preparing for her new role. Meg and Victoria also chat about Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and the consumerism that society gets caught up in this time of year. They discuss sustainable ways to navigate this season and making choices that will be meaningful for you and others.

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Ep. 68: Understanding your Dosha and Applying Ayurvedic Principles to Live Your Most Radiant Life with Sahara Rose 


  • Sahara’s story and how she become so passionate about Ayurveda.

  • Breaking down the the doshas- Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

  • What it means for our doshas to be out of balance and how to balance them.

  • Our “prakriti” and how our lifestyle can affect it.

  • Dharma and how we can support our life’s purpose by understanding our doshas.

  • Tongue scrapping, oil pulling, dry brushing, & the purpose behind Ayurvedic self care practices.

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Ep. 67: Himalayan Sea Salt, Crystals for Fertility, Bone Health, Composting & Sustainable Food Purchases


  • Demystifying Himalayan sea salt

  • Crystals for fertility

  • Hormones, recovery, and bone health

  • Ovulation sensation and pain

  • Tips & options for composting in an apartment

  • Eating sustainability through the winder months

  • Things to consider for more sustainable food purchases

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Ep. 66: SIBO, IBS, and Digestive Healing with Kelsey Kinney, RD, MS  


  • Kelsey’s story and the path she took to becoming an integrative dietitian.

  • The microbiome and it’s importance & influence on other health conditions.

  • Dysbiosis, IBS, SIBO and other digestive conditions. 

  • Why we should not take a diet first approach to healing SIBO. 

  • How restrictive diets can actually be harmful and counter productive to SIBO treatment.

  • Direct to consumer tests- their benefits and short comings.

  • Kelsey’s opinion on celery juice.

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Episode 65: Q&A-  Supplementation for Period Pain, Intuitive Eating with Food Restrictions, Daily Routines & Exercise Addiction 

This episode is casual and fun! Nothing too heavy, nothing too “nerdy”… we just have fun answering some listener questions with some lighthearted conversation.


  • General supplementation for painful periods.

  • How to cut out foods & still eat intuitively.

  • Intuitive movement & overcoming exercising addiction.

  • Vegetable oils- why are they “inflammatory”?

  • Daily routines & products we use.

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 Ep. 63: Unpacking PCOS - Shedding Some Light on this Confusing and Often Misleading Hormonal Condition


  • The definition & the various pathologies associated with this hormonal profile.

  • The misconceptions with follicles & cysts.

  • The symptoms & the reasoning behind them.

  • How the birth control pill can be involved.

  • How a woman can have hypothalamic amenorrhea & PCOS at the same time.

  • The importance of deciphering the “type” of PCOS that you have.

  • Treatment for all kinds for PCOS.

What to join our team?! WE'RE HIRING!!!


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 Ep. 62: Fostering Intuition Through Movement: Movement as More than Exercise with Engrid Latina

We discussed with Engrid:

  • What it means to embracing yourself fully by fostering your own inner wisdom.

  • What it means to “come home” to your own body. 

  • Recovery and the importance of doing the deeper healing work.

  • Engrid’s own story from eating disorder to body empowerment personal trainer. 

  • How to practice body positivity and health at every size with  movement.

  • How to use movement as a modality for internal healing. 

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Ep. 61: Q&A- Gluten, Dairy & Fertility, Karma & the Law of Attraction, the Holistic RD Career Path, Hormonal Dis-regulation, and SIBO Treatment


  • Should I be gluten, dairy, sugar, & trans-fat free for fertility?

  • Karma the law of attraction, and pursuing happiness.

  • Tips for becoming integrative dietitians.

  • Mental/emotional side effects of having a natural period again.

  • Can you heal SIBO with food alone?


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Ep. 60: Rachel Mansfield and Her Fertility Story - A Message of Hope


In this episode, we have a deep and heartfelt discussion with the one and only, Rachel Mansfield. Rachel shares with us her fertility story- the triumphs, the struggles, and everything in between. Her story is one of hope and compassion for all other women who are struggling with their fertility. This is a topic that needs to be discussed more often and the barrier of shame removed. We are so happy that Rachel has opened up with our audience so that women can be empowered and encouraged- they are not alone and there is HOPE.

Connect with Rachel:



Come join Meg Faletra, Georgie Morley, Victoria Myers and Meg Dixon for a live podcast event!

!!!!! DATE CHANGE!!!!! It will be held at Lemon Press in Nantucket on MONDAY- September 18th @ 5:30.

Email: hello@nourishingmindsnutrition for more information or to register.

Email Georgie @ georgie@init4thelongrun.com for information on getting to Nantucket from Boston.  

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Ep. 59: A Conversation on Setting Boundaries


  • Why are boundaries so important?

  • Why are people so scare and resistant towards setting boundaries?

  • The consequences of not having boundaries.

  • What are empaths and highly sensitive people?

  • Examples of setting boundaries.



Come join Meg Faletra, Georgie Morley, Victoria Myers and Meg Dixon for a live podcast event!

!!!!! DATE CHANGE!!!!! It will be held at Lemon Press in Nantucket on MONDAY- September 18th @ 5:30.

Email: hello@nourishingmindsnutrition for more information or to register.

Email Georgie @ georgie@init4thelongrun.com for information on getting to Nantucket from Boston.

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Ep 58: Period Talk: What is Normal with Menstruation, Cervical Discharge + Common Infections


  • The female hormonal cycle.

  • Vaginal discharge 101.

  • What is normal and not normal with our cycles and menstration?

  • Diet and lifestyle for hormonal regulation.

  • The vaginal microbiome & how to support it.

  • UTIs, bacterial vaginosis & yeast infection.


Come join Meg Faletra, Georgie Morley, Victoria Myers and Meg Dixon for a live podcast event!

!!!!! DATE CHANGE!!!!! It will be held at Lemon Press in Nantucket on MONDAY- September 18th @ 5:30.

Email: hello@nourishingmindsnutrition for more information or to register.

Email Georgie @ georgie@init4thelongrun.com for information on getting to Nantucket from Boston.


Vaginal and UTI probiotic

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Ep. 57: Orthorexia - An Eating Disorder on the Rise and in Disguise  


  • What is orthorexia?

  • Warning signs & symptoms.

  • Why orthorexia is damaging to ourselves.

  • The “wellness diet”.

  • Social media and orthorexia.

  • Implications for health care professions.

  • Our personal experiences with orthorexia.

  • Orthorexia and pseudo recovery.

  • Why recovery from orthorexia is empowering and important.

  • Ways to practice wellness without obsession.


Come join Meg Faletra, Georgie Morley, Victoria Myers and Meg Dixon for a live podcast event!

!!!!! DATE CHANGE!!!!! It will be held at Lemon Press in Nantucket on MONDAY- September 18th @ 5:30.

Email: hello@nourishingmindsnutrition for more information or to register.

Email Georgie @ georgie@init4thelongrun.com for information on getting to Nantucket from Boston.


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Ep. 56: Holistic Skin Care with Primally Pure’s Esthetician, Courtney O'Connor


  • The story and mission behind Primally Pure.

  • The importance of quality ingredients and sustainable sourcing with skin care.

  • Traditional practices with a modern perspective for skin care.

  • Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing basics: how, when, what.

  • The “double cleansing method”

  • Easy and manageable steps for making the transition to more conscious skin care.

  • Food for radiant skin.

  • The number one ingredient to avoid when choosing a product.

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Primally Pure products we love:

Resources for clean skin care:


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Ep. 55: Mental Health and Mindful Eating with Lisa Hayim, RD, LD

Today’s episode is a special one! We have a deep, heartfelt discussion with our dear friend, Lisa Hayim. As you will see, Lisa has so much insight and wisdom to bring to the wellness space as she reminds us that true wellness encompasses more than just food. Her own journey with mental health and therapy is a powerful and inspiring one that will resonate with many!

Topics include:

  • Mental health and the unfortunate stigma behind it.

  • Having “food issues” and being in the wellness field.

  • Mental health and social media.

  • AEDP therapy and it’s transformational power.

  • Mindful eating - what it means to Lisa and how she practices and teaches it.

Connect with Lisa:


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Ep. 54 Q&A: social anxiety, seed cycling, blog & business tips, deciphering a lipid panel  


  1. Social anxiety and how to combat it

  2. Seed cycling - can it help regulate hormones?

  3. Tips for developing an online presence: blog, business etc.

  4. How to interrupt general cholesterol advice from doctors


Connect with us:


Ep. 53: An Intro to Health at Every Size and the Body Positive Movements


  1. Intro: 00:00

  2. The purpose of this podcast episode (7:20)

  3. Defining diet culture

  4. Defining the body positive and health at every size movement

  5. The evolution of diet culture and the thin ideal

  6. Why diet culture is suppressive and why it cannot be body positive

  7. The purpose of the body positive movement and who it was made by and for

  8. The difference between internalized and external fat phobia

  9. Actions to take to fight diet culture and support the body positive moment


Connect with us:


Body Positive Power Book  

Ep. 51: Part 2- Traditional Foods and the Lipid Hypothesis


  1. What are “traditional foods” at NMN

  2. The privilege involved with organic and free range

  3. Sourcing and fostering your own food culture

  4. Ancel Keys and the birth of the lipid hypothesis

  5. Dr. Spiteller, vegetables oils, and man made trans fats

  6. The difference between Poly, Mono, and Saturated Fats

  7. Lipoproteins and the lipid cycle


Connect with us:


Ep. 50: Part 1- Traditional Foods, Intuitive Eating, and Food Culture


  1. Life update

  2. The purpose of this episode (8:15)

  3. How traditional foods go with intuitive eating

  4. The traditional mindset behind food & the importance of food culture

  5. Food culture vs diet culture

  6. The power of nutrition to empower women

  7. The biochemical and diet culture view of food vs the traditional view of food

  8. How intuition leads us to a traditional foods diet

  9. The importance of culinary tradition

  10. The privilege involved with organic and free range


Connect with us:

Ep. 49- Digestive and Hormonal Healing, the Impacts of Poor Health on Our Relationship with Food, Individuality in Medicine, the Power of Perspective, Stigma Around Anti-Anxiety Medication, and Other Real Talk with Kait Miller

This episode is INCREDIBLE- we covered a lot of topics as Kait walks us through her healing journey. She has recovered from digestive woes, hormonal dis-regulation and a disordered relationship with food. She discusses how she ended up with orthorexic tendencies and fear around food due to health issues but found that in order to fully heal, she had to re-evaluate her mentality around food. She is open and honest about the highs and lows of healing and how this hard time ultimately lead her to become re-align with her true calling.

Kait emphasizes the importance of individuality in both western and eastern medicine and discusses the value of living in the grey area pertaining to both food and medicine. Kait discusses the stigma around certain medications (like SSRIs) and how this didn’t prevent her from making the best decision for herself. Kait describes her story to health as “a journey of perspective” and emphasizes the power of optimism and positive self talk during recovery and healing.

Connect with Kait:


Ep. 48- Part II with Kathryn Beck: The Intention Behind Various Healing Modalities and How to Implement Them Into Your Routines

This is part 2 of last week’s episode! If you didn’t catch episode 47, go there first.


  1. Sound therapy and massage to activate self healing.

  2. Distance energy healing.

  3. The power and necessity of intention behind healing.

  4. The purpose behind energy enhancements.

  5. Healing crisis and emotional release.

  6. Tools for energy healing and how they help create intention: crystals, palo santo, sage, plants, essential oils, tapping.

  7. The power of the breath.


Connect with Kathryn:

Ep. 47- The Importance Energy Healing and the Science Behind Various Healing Modalities with Kathryn Beck, LMT MA89389 + 500 RYT


  1. Kathryn’s story and why she is so passionate about facilitating healing for others.

  2. The importance of healing from past trauma.

  3. The power of emotions and their physical presence in our bodies.

  4. The importance and power of reinterpretation.

  5. The science behind vibrations and the very real meaning of “high vibes” and “low vibes”.

  6. The power of intention as the basis behind healing modalities.

Connect with Kathryn:

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Ep. 46- Hypothyroidism 101: An overview of the thyroid hormone and the state of not having enough


  1. Special Announcement!!! Launch of the Nourishing Women Community!!!!

  2. What wellness related things Victoria and Meg have been into recently

  3. What is the thyroid glad and what are the thyroid hormone?

  4. What are the symptoms of being in a hypothyroid state

  5. The thyroid hormones and it’s role in the body

  6. Various ways one can get to the diagnosis of hypothyroidism

  7. How you could be experiencing hypothyroid symptoms while having normal lab work

  8. What a comprehensive thyroid panel would include

  9. Thyroid replacement options

  10. How under eating and over exercising can be related to hypothyroidism


Ep 45- Meg & Victoria’s Morning & Nighttime Routines

Meg & Victoria had fun this episode talking about their favorite ways to spend the book ends of the day. We hope it is entertaining, enlightening, and inspiring!

Ep. 44- Q&A: Recognizing and Combatting Orthorexic Tendencies, the Hallmark Symptoms of SIBO, & Discerning Hunger/Fullness Cues During Recovery

  1. Intro and Info on the upcoming Nourishing Women Community (00:00)

  2. Am I orthorexic or just “healthy”? Struggling with orthorexic tendencies and combatting shame with “healthy” foods (9:15)

  3. What are the hallmark symptoms of SIBO? But also why it is important to also recognize individuality with IBS. (27:10)

  4. What are some helpful tips on understanding and discerning hunger and fullness cues? (33:20)

Ep. 43- Should Everyone Be Gluten Free?


  1. What is gluten?

  2. How was gluten discovered?

  3. Gluten in relation to autoimmune disease

  4. What is intestinal permeably and how does that related to gluten and zonulin?

  5. How does gluten contribute to a permeable gut and who is more pre-disposed to this?

  6. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity

  7. The gut-brain axis and the importance of healing one’s relationship with food for gut healing

  8. How Victoria does gluten free!


Reserve your spot in the Nourishing Women Membership Community!

Ep. 42- Releasing the Shame Around Menstruation, Honoring and Supporting Our Cycles with Food, and Cultivating Feminine Energy with Devon Loftus

Today’s episode features a very special guest- Devon Loftus, and we are so thrilled to have her on the podcast today. Devon is the founder and creative mind behind the Washington based company- Moon Cycle Bakery. 

In today’s episode, we discuss the way women can collectively work to release the shame and stigma around our menstrual cycles, and how we can take something from being shameful to being sacred. Devon talks about how we can honor different times of our cycle despite our often fast paced lifestyle. We discuss having compassion with ourselves and allowing ourselves to practice self care and evolve without attaching judgment to it. We discuss fostering and cultivating our feminine energy and the importance of this. Devon discusses nutrients and foods to support our hormonal cycle and how food can support both our physical and our emotional selves. 

Devon’s heart behind Moon Cycle Bakery goes hand with our mission at Nourishing Minds Nutrition- to shed the stigma around period talk, to educated women about their cycles, and to empower them with body literacy. 

Moon Cycle Bakery was founded on the belief that women deserve to feel heard, seen and gifted during a time of the month that isn’t always pretty. Devon has reclaimed cravings during the female cycle from diet culture by reminding us that cravings are a indication of what our bodies need and that they should be honored. 

Devon has merged soul nourishing foods, with body nourishing foods. Each treat is designed with ingredients that are supportive of our natural hormonal fluctuations. They provide a beautiful way to partner with our bodies and too cultivate our natural female intuition. 

If you want to learn more about Moon Cycle Baker, go to Mooncyclebakery.com. There you can learn about each treat, the ingredients, and how they will support you and your body. Go to the order now tab to Order Now tab to sign up and receive your first batch of decedent treats. 

Connect with Devon and order your treats!!

Website: https://www.mooncyclebakery.com/

Instagram: @mooncylebakery (https://www.instagram.com/mooncyclebakery/)

Ep. 41- Eating Disorder Recovery, the Importance of Mental/Emotional Health, and Wellness without Obsession with Davida Kugelmass

So much goodness on today’s episode! We covered a lot of great topics and dove in deep with one of our favorite humans in the wellness space- Davida Kugelmass.

Davida opened up to talk about her story and history of disordered eating, the journey through recovery, and ultimately how she got to where she is today. We discussed how it can often be difficult to come to terms with having an eating disorder and how certain diagnostic criteria can be a barrier to help and treatment for many. We discussed how it can be easy to transfer obsessive and perfectionist tendencies- especially when things seem to be spinning out of control, but how ultimately letting go to the need to control and developing other coping mechanisms allowed true inner peace and healing. Davida discussed how she personally pursues wellness without obsession and how she truly lives in the grey area today. She discussed why she believes emotional/mental health is by far the most important aspect of health and how she cultivates her own inner wellness.  Davida also gave insight and offered wisdom for those who are thinking about quitting their day job and pursing their dreams of entrepreneurship. 

Ep. 40- Q&A: Tips to Optimize Digestion During Recovery, Alcohol with IBS, Introducing Intuitive Movement, Intuitive Eating and Food Cravings, Skin Care Routines and More


  1. Tips for improving digestion during eating disorder recovery

  2. Alcoholic beverages typically best tolerated with IBS

  3. Re-introducing movement in an intuitive and gentle way

  4. Our skin care routines

  5. The misconceptions around food cravings and recovery

  6. How to disassociate from diet culture talk around friends and family

  7. Is there such a thing as too much collagen peptides?

  8. Local vs. organic at the farmers market

  9. Anxiety medication an IBS

Bonus Episode: Live Intuitive Eating Podcast Event with Georgie Morley

That’s right! This recording is a bonus episode released in addition to the weekly Friday podcast. This is the recording from the live podcast event that Meg & Victoria hosted with Georgie Morley in St Petersburg, Florida. It was such a great event and it was such a amazing conversation that they wanted to release it for everyone to listen in. 

The topic of the conversation was intuitive eating.  All three women are supremely passionate about this topic as they have seen- both personally and professionally, it’s ability to transforms one’s relationship with food, their body, and ultimately their lives.

Topics covered include: 

  1. Why diet’s don’t work- and what the deeper issue is here (hint: why do we feel like we need to loose weight in the first place?!)

  2. The principles of intuitive eating and the caveats when you are recovering from disordered eating.

  3. How to begin the process of intuitive eating.

  4. Indicators of wellness that have nothing to do with our weight.

  5. How to being listening to our bodies and become more in-tune with their needs.

  6. How intuitive eating can promote positive changes in other areas of our lives.

  7. How to prioritize different factors of wellness such as sleep, movement, stress, etc.

…. and more! 

Episode 39: Intention vs Goal Setting, Limited Beliefs, Manifestation & the Law of Attraction with Georgie Morley

Georgie Morley, Victoria, and Meg cover a lot of ground in this episode! They have a rich yet casual discussion on topics including intention vs goal setting, slow living, limited beliefs, the law of attraction and manifestation.

Georgie is someone that many people (rightfully!) admire and adore because she truly embodies and preaches wellness without obsession. More than that, she recognizes that true joy is founded in emotional wellbeing. Her wellness philosophy is founded in alignment, self love, and maintaining a curious mind. She has an inspiring and powerful story that lead her to intuitive living and self awareness. She also has an unprecedented ability to connect with and inspire people to live their best lives.

We hope you enjoy!

Connect with Georgie: 



Episode 38: Intermittent Fasting with a History of an Eating Disorder and/or Disordered Eating

  1. Introduction (00:00)

  2. What is intermittent fasting? (8:40)

  3. What are the benefits of intermittent fasting? (13:00)

  4. What are the cons for women? (17:30)

  5. A conversation about intermittent fasting and history of disordered eating (23:00)

  6. Our personal experiences with intermittent fasting (32:55)

Episode 37: Q&A, Essential Oils, Finding Quality Meats, Soy & Acne, Colon Cleanses, Re-introducing Exercise after Recovery, and Becoming Integrative RDs

  1. Introduction: how Meg & Victoria are choosing to structure and realign our business in year 2

  2. Essential oils: what they are, how to use them, the best ones to buy (10:40)

  3. Finding/buying organic, grass fed meats (16:09)

  4. Soy and acne (22:46)

  5. Our Number 1 tip for improving gut motility and constipation (30:10)

  6. Do colon cleanses detox your gut? (34:35)

  7. Hypothalamic amenorrhea and introducing exercise again (39:29)

  8. The benefits of becoming a dietitian and how you can become an integrative RD (46:35)

  9. Tips for living with people who are immersed in diet culture (52:45)


Episode 36: Optimism, Bringing Positive Light into Dark Spaces, and Fostering Environmentally Mindfully Actions

We had our dear friend and global health dietitian, Meg Faletra on the show again today! We discussed the power of optimism in order to empower and motivate- especially in spaces like sustainability, body positivity, and intuitive eating. We discussed how to embrace and practice slow living in a world that praises “the hustle”.  Meg also empowers us by talking about the implications of mass plastic consumption and practical ways to reduce our need for convenience. Meg also shares with us her newest project, The Well Library, which is an incredible resource for all things sustainability, integrative nutrition, hormonal regulation and more.


Connect with meg:

Episode 35: FODMAPS - the low FODMAP diet, SIBO, and IBS  

In this episode we talk all things FODMAPS! This group of food has a lot of mystery and nuance about it. People have questions- we give answers. We discuss: what the low FODMAP diet is, who can benefit from it, how should it be implemented, etc. We also discuss our stance on the low FODMAP diet and how we use it in our practice.    

Episode 34: Episode 34: Recovery, Wellness Without Obsession & Slow Living with Georgie Morley


In today’s podcast we chat with the amazing and inspiring, Georgie Morley. Georgie is someone that many people look up to and adore because she truly embodies and preaches wellness without obsession. Her wellness philosophy is founded in body positivity and self love. She has an inspiring and powerful story of eating disorder to intuitive eater. We dive into her story, the insight she has on recovery and how she got to where she is today. We also talk about blogging, entrepreneurship, slow living and everything in between. There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this podcast and we hope you enjoy!

Episode 33: Hormonal Acne


  1. PSA: It’s okay to not have perfect skin!!!

  2. Other factors at play- it’s not just hormones.

  3. The hormones involved with hormonal acne: cortisol, androgens, estrogen, and progesterone.

  4. How the birth control pill can indeed be a treatment for hormonal acne.

  5. What to do about hormonal acne- hormone testing and topical treatments.

  6. Using food as medicine & specific nutrients for optimal skin health.


*Fermented Cod Liver Oil

*Vital Proteins Beef Liver Capsule

Episode 32: Sustainability and Food Culture with Megan Faletra, MS, MPH, RDN


  • Meg’s story and how she got into the space of sustainability and global health.

  • How sustainability awareness is empowering and applies to all of us.

  • How the current food system plays a role in chronic malnutrition and what we can do to make a positive impact.

  • How we can take ownership of our food choices and make decisions that honor and support the people who grow our food.

  • The importance of consumer awareness when it comes to global trade.

  • The power of optimism.

  • The power of connecting more with our local food system.

  • How diet culture robs us of our food culture.

  • How cultivating our food culture makes us resilient to diet culture.

  • How local and seasonal correlates perfectly with intuitive and instinctual eating.

  • Questions to ask yourself to make more conscious and sustainable food decisions.

Connect with Megan:

Episode 30: Intuitive eating and food prep

  1. Food prepping and meal planning without obsession

  2. Intuitive eating when you have a 9-5

  3. When the lunch you packed doesn’t sound appealing

  4. Honoring your cravings but also accepting that not every meal is going to be spot on

  5. Grocery shopping for the week- to plan or not to plan?

  6. Staple items to keep on hand

Episode 29: What's the Deal with Candida? 


  1. What is “candida”?

  2. Why is “candida syndrome” so controversial?

  3. The two extremist views on candida

  4. What can potentially cause “candida syndrome”?

  5. What is seen in the literature about candida

  6. How to test for candida

  7. The candida diet and disordered eating

  8. Other treatment options for candida

Episode 28: Binge eating recovery and wellness without obsession with Lex Daddio

It was such a joy to have Lex Daddio on the podcast today. Lex is such a breath of fresh air on this Instagram and social media world. She is honest, authentic, and humble. She is also tremendously relatable as she has had her own journey from disordered eating to a healthy relationship with food. She now offers tremendous insight in recovery and true wellness on her social media pages!  (And also some bomb-ass recipes and food inspo!) 


  1. Lex’s story and how she started her Instagram page

  2. The relationship between food restriction and binge eating

  3. The common transition from orthorexia to binge eating disorder

  4. Faith and it’s role in her recovery

  5. Lex’s experience in working with Nourishing Minds Nutrition

  6. Pregnancy and intuitive eating

  7. True wellness without obsession

  8. Connect with Alexis on Instagram


Episode 27: How to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

  1. Why sleep matters, the anabolic state

  2. Understanding your circadian rhythm and how this affects sleep

  3. How sunlight exposure effects sleep

  4. How blue light from technology effects sleep

  5. Ways to decrease exposure to blue light

  6. Benefits to sleeping in a dark, cold room

  7. How to be consistent and create a restful environment for sleep

  8. Why a nighttime routine can improve quality of sleep

  9. Eating enough at dinner and carbohydrates to improve sleep

  10. Food and exercise ideas to improve sleep

  11. Supplement ideas to improve quality of sleep

Links to include:

Episode 26: Meg’s Story of Transitioning out Veganism/Vegetarianism

Live date 1/26/18


  1. The evolution in food convictions

  2. Living life with and without food labels

  3. Recovering from an eating disorder while following food convictions

  4. Sustainability while eating meat

  5. Building shame resilience and transitioning out of any “diet dogma”

  6. The benefit in removing “labels” during recovery

  7. The web of life and how we can fit into it


  1. Link to career counseling


Episode 25: Meditation and mindfulness with Kathryn Beck

Live date 1/19/18


  1. Kathryn’s story: how she began meditating & what brought her to doing the work she does

  2. The benefits of meditation

  3. Meditation and how it ties into intuitive eating

  4. Other methods to becoming more in tune with our bodies

  5. Religion and meditation

  6. How to get started with meditation


  1. Free guided mediations: https://www.youtube.com/bringingbalanceback

Episode 24: Vitamin K2! 

  1. A few words on the Time’s Up movement

  2. The difference between vitamin K1 and vitamin K2

  3. Food sources of vitamin K2

  4. The important roles of vitamin K2 in the body


  1. Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend

Episode 23: New Year Intentions + How to resist diet culture

  1. Intentions vs. diet resolutions

  2. Our personal intentions

  3. Work life balance

  4. The evolution of dealing with diet culture

  5. Diet culture in the new year and how to avoid it


Episode 22: All about….ehhhh…. US?! 


  1. How Victoria and Meg met and started NMN

  2. How we met our husbands and how they proposed

  3. High school and college jobs and the road to private practice

  4. What timer period in history we would like to live in

  5. Favorite alcoholic beverages

  6. Favorite current bloggers

  7. ….. and more…..


Episode 21: Q&A- Intentional weight loss post eating disorder, fullness cues, lactose intolerance, digestive issues with eating disorder recovery, amenorrhea, intuitive living critics and “cheat meals” during SIBO treatment.


  1. When is it “safe” to try to loose weight in a non-obsessive way post eating disorder?

  2. Being full verses “over eating” during recovery

  3. Learning how to be satisfied again.

  4. How to enjoy diary with a lactose intolerance.

  5. How to navigate digestive issues during recovery. Which do you address first- your relationship with food or the digestive issues?

  6. Negativity or pushback regarding your decision to live/eat intuitively from family members.

  7. Other possible reasons for amenorrhea. Perhaps the treatment is not as easy as “eat more and exercise less”.

  8. Does “going off track” during SIBO treatment cause a relapse?



Intuitive living e-book: https://www.nourishingmindsnutrition.com/ebook/


Episode 20: Q&A- more on becoming integrative RDs, FODMAP diets, “paleo-fied” foods, knowing your body’s “set point”, emotional eating, full fat dairy, natural substitute for perfume, and binge eating 


  1. Resources we used to become function and intuitive eating dietitians

  2. Clarification on our position on FODMAP dietsHow we utilize low FODMAPS in our practice

  3. Traditional vs paleo foods for digestion

  4. How to determine what your body’s “set point” weight is

  5. How to navigate emotional eating

  6. Benefits of full fat dairy

  7. Using essential oils to smell good

  8. Tips to stop binge eating eating


Episode 19: Q&A on Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, the copper IUD, the Mirena IUD, PCOS, skin issues and SIBO,and becoming integrative RDs


  1. hypothalamic amenorrhea, exercise and getting your period back

  2. pros and cons of the IUD/IUS

  3. common misconceptions about PCOS

  4. how we became functional dietitians with a private practice

Episode 18: Q&A on navigating the holidays: curious relatives, food intolerances, and navigating the holiday food scene


  1. How to navigate the holiday food scene and how decide what foods you truly love.

  2. How to handle questions and comments from curious relatives. How to dismiss and fight against diet culture in the family.

  3. How to navigate gluten and other food intolerances during the holiday season.

Episode 17: How to Live Intuitively: The 6 Pillars of Wellness 

In this podcast, Meg and Victoria discuss the 6 pillars that they believe are the foundations for true wellness. 

These are:

  1. Self adoration

  2. Stress management

  3. Sleep

  4. Movement

  5. Social connection

  6. Intuitive eating

They outline each one of these in their ebook:


The e-book is available for purchase as of Friday, November 17th.

It will be available for 24 HOURS ONLY at the price of $14.95, after that it will increase to $24.95.

The first seven days its available, you will also receive a free handout on supplement recommendations. An additional $10 value, for free!

Episode 16: Q&A time on IUD, intuitive eating, food sensitive, and cycle syncing  


  • the Mirena IUD

  • practical tips to transition into intuitive eating

  • how to determine food sensitivities and foods that make you feel good

  • signs to know that your metabolism is increasing

  • cod liver oil brand recommendations

  • cycle syncing with an irregular cycle


Fermented Cod Liver Oil: <br>   

Episode 15: Post Birth Control Syndrome + Pros and Cons of the Birth Control Pill

Live date 11/03/2017


  • Pros of the birth control pill

  • Cons of the birth control pill

  • Nutrients that are depleted by the pill

  • What causes post birth control syndrome?

  • What are the symptoms of birth control syndrome?

  • Ways to support your body while coming off the pill to encourage hormonal balance

  • The importance of hormone testing

  • All of this for…. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT!!!



  • theme music provided by bensound.com

  • Disclaimer: Remember, the information in the podcast in intended for general audience only and is not invented to diagnose, treat, or replace professional medical opinion.

Episode 14: All things Gut Health and Gut Healing 


  • why supplements for IBS are different for everyone

  • the importance of honoring the gut grain axis

  • the importance of strengthening your vagus nerve

  • practical tips to maximize digestion that are often overlooked

  • the importance of your eating mindset to heal the gut

  • why we are not meant to be “grazing” mammals

  • benefits of “fasting” for the migrating motor complex

  • foods for good gut health

  • pre and pro biotics

  • fermented foods

  • optimizing your diet for digestion

  • when a low FODMAP is and is not appropriate





  • theme music provided by bensound.com

  • Disclaimer: Remember, the information in the podcast in intended for general audience only and is not invented to diagnose, treat, or replace professional medical opinion.

Episode 13: Cyclic Living, Fertility Awareness Method & Body Literacy

Live date 10/19/2017


  • the benefits of tracking your cycle

  • a women’s hormonal cycle

  • cyclic living

  • how our hormones change how we related to the world

  • how cyclic living may affect your food choices


Episode #09: Q&A- Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Live date 9/8/2017

  • what is hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA)?

  • what causes HA?

  • physical vs emotional stressors

  • the importance of slow movement

  • foods/diet for HA

  • a conversation about coffee

  • stress relief and self care

  • sugar cravings during and before your period

Affiliate product links: 

Thorne Activated B Vitamins:


Vital Proteins Liver Supplement:




Episode #07: Estrogen Dominance  

Live date 9/1/2017

Listen on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-07-estrogen-dominance/id1273444999?i=1000391726530&mt=2


  • The female hormonal cycle

  • Symptoms of estrogen dominance

  • Environmental factors/xenoestrogens

  • Dietary factors/phytoestrogens

  • The birth control pill

  • The gut’s role in hormonal detox

  • Stress and the pregnenolone steal

  • The importance of supporting the liver ror hormone regulation



  • theme music provided by bensound.com

  • Disclaimer: Remember, the information in the podcast in intended for general audience only and is not invented to diagnose, treat, or replace professional medical opinion.

Episode #06: Episode 06: How to Manage SIBO- the Root Cause of IBS

Live date 8/24/2017

Listen on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-06-how-to-manage-sibo-the-root-cause-of-ibs/id1273444999?i=1000391456822&mt=2


  • How irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is diagnosed

  • Root Causes of IBS including small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

  • Signs and Symptoms of IBS and SIBO

  • Trigger events that can lead to IBS and SIBO

  • Testing for SIBO

  • How to Heal SIBO with food and supplements

  • Importance of managing stress and acts of self care in healing the gut

  • Connection between disordered eating and IBS/SIBO

  • Determining if consuming probiotics and prebiotics is right for you

  • Basic food and nutrition changes everyone can make to improve their gut health


Episode #05: When intuitive eating goes “out of control”, the gut microbiome, and amenorrhea

Live date 8/18/2017

Listen on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-05-when-intuitive-eating-goes-out-control-gut/id1273444999?i=1000391214184&mt=2


  • The journey to intuitive eating

  • Challenging the food police and giving yourself permission to eat all the foods

  • Self compassion and grace

  • Defining hypothalamic amenorrhea

  • Stress management- emotional and physical

  • Carbs, fat, and the woman’s cycle

  • The consequences of over exercising

  • Defining the gut microbiome

  • What does it mean to have a healthy gut?

  • Pro and prebiotics


Episode #04: Traditional Eaters/Untraditional Dietitians

Live date 8/11/2017

Listen on iTune: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-04-traditional-eaters-untraditional-dietitians/id1273444999?i=1000391214181&mt=2


  • What shows we watched as children (Icky Vicky?)

  • What do we mean by “traditional foods”?

  • Food rules

  • Nutrient density and red meat

  • Days when you don’t eat any vegetables

  • Where did vegetables oils come from?

  • Intuitive eating and food convictions


Episode #03: Victoria’s Story to Intuitive Eating and Food Freedom

Live date 8/11/2017

Listen on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-03-victorias-story-to-intuitive-eating-food/id1273444999?i=1000391214185&mt=2

This episode covers Victoria’s personal story with disordered eating and her journey to intuitive eating and food freedom. For more detailed information about her journey and she found food freedom and digestive healing, visit diehardfoodie.net


Episode #02: Meg’s Story to Intuitive Eating and Food Freedom

Live date 8/11/2017

Listen on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-02-megs-story-to-intuitive-eating-and-food-freedom/id1273444999?i=1000391214182&mt=2

This episode covers Meg’s personal story with an eating disorder and her journey to intuitive eating and food freedom. For more detailed information about her journey and how the started the process of recovery, visit her blog: rootforfood.net


Episode #01: Intro to Meg and Victoria and the Nourishing Women Podcast

Live date 8/11/2017

Listen on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-01-intro-to-meg-victoria-nourishing-women-podcast/id1273444999?i=1000391214183&mt=2


  • Intro to Meg and Victoria

  • Random things

  • More random

This episode is…. a bunch of random! Including facts about Meg and Victoria, their business, and why they started a podcast in the first place. They discuss “low country boils”, life goals, and spirt animals. 


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