"Victoria & Meg are changing the game, changing the diet scene, and helping girls heal everyday! I had the pleasure of working with Victoria one-on-one and there were things I was struggling with the beginning that I honestly had no idea about. Just talking to Victoria, who is beyond sweet and caring, opened my eyes to these things I was still dealing with and she helped coach me through them. We were laughing at my last session together about how far I came in 6 months, and almost all of it is because of her! I’m so thankful!

I might be these girls number one fan! I read all their blog posts, obsessively listen to their podcast, stalk their Instagrams and just love them. They are doing AMAZING work. I don’t think you could work with either one and not come out changed. Whether that’s food freedom, a healed digestion, hormonal balance, etc. They are so knowledgable and I love learning from them. They put out amazing information for everyone, and I couldn’t suggest reading it more! I’m thankful for all they are doing in this community. They inspire me every single day and I’m so happy to have crossed paths with them!”

-Lex from Restoring Radiance

"After years of suffering from disordered eating, then taking on a new hardship as a result of it all: digestive distress, my prayer for healing had reached what felt like its peak. Still, God is always good, and it was in my moment of intense despair that I come across Meg & Victoria’s practice through Instagram. They weren’t pushy at all with their knowledge sharing, and what was most inviting about them is how personal they were. We’ve all been to doctors that quickly write up a prescription for us when we tell them something isn’t feeling right. I didn’t want that kind of experience, and I knew with becoming a Nourishing Minds member that wouldn’t be the case.

I had already began my journey with intuitive eating, so when Victoria and I linked up to try and assess what was going on with me (we both knew it was SIBO), we clicked very well. I was open to anything because I wanted to be CURED. That made my process with Victoria all the better. She was so kind and informative. Every choice is the clients’; Victoria simply advises and you get to choose what you feel is right for you! Which is amazing because Victoria’s practice is not just about HEALING your gut, but about TRUSTING it. And in saying that it’s important to mention that because of this, and how our meetings were structured, my recovery was almost seamless. Through the grace of God I am now healed, and it wouldn’t be possible if He hadn’t put Victoria in my path. Every day that I am not in pain I am grateful to God first and foremost, as well as the amazing women of Nourishing Minds Nutrition. I stand behind their movement 100%. "

"As someone who was struggling with the vicious cycle of a disordered and restrictive relationship with food, yet also having digestive and hormonal problems I was very excited to find Victoria Myers. Her combination of care for physical and emotional wellness were exactly what I needed, and unlike any other practitioner I had worked with before. I looked forward to my sessions with Victoria as a time to meet with someone who truly cared about my well-being and who understood what I was going through. She actually gets it because she’s been through it all, and she has the expertise on how to heal these issues. I went from not being able to count the days that I was bloated, constipated, and in pain because it was such a frequent occurrence, to having these days be something I notice as out of the normal. I went from having extreme fear and anxiety over consuming the tiniest bit of dairy, to eating and enjoying yogurt, testing out how it would make me feel. Even if my stomach couldn’t handle it, I no longer had a fear of that food thanks to Victoria’s encouragement and guidance. Victoria helped me see my ability to say NO to fear around food and not let it have such an influence in my life! She also led me to find the probiotic that is bringing my gut the best healing and herbal supplements that are restoring my hormonal balance. Rather than trying to cover up or ignore symptoms, Victoria has helped me get on the path to healing my body (and heal it in a natural, non-harmful way!) It is amazing to look back on the last 6 months and see how far I’ve come, thanks to the help of Victoria by my side. I still have a way to go, but I am confident that I am on the right path, and would not have been on this path had I not invested in being a client of Victoria’s. I sure am grateful that she, too, invested in me."